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Home Hardware Plus is your solution provider for all your commercial and residential door hardware needs. We know that building or upgrading your home is important to you, so we have designed our site so that you can quickly find the products you are looking for, so that you spend less time browsing for your products and more on your actual project.

We carry only the highest in quality in wholesale hardware products including door knobs, door handle sets, entry locks, bath hardware, cabinet hardware and much more. We offer wholesale pricing on our entire selection of commercial and home hardware products.

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S.O.S Continuous Hinges – What Is A Continuous Hinge, Why Do I Need It, and How Do I Read It?

Hardware Tips & Tricks|

Here we can help you figure out exactly what a continuous hinge is, why you need this type of door hinge, and how to read this door hardware’s diagrams.

Continuous hinges were hard to understand, to visualize in my head, and frankly most of the same generic information was given out and changed solely based on brand specification. I am here today to give you the basics on what a continuous hinge is, the different kinds, their benefits, and how to read those confusing diagrams that you are seeing plastered all over hardware sites.


What Grade Are You In? Knowing the Difference in Quality

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If you own a business or are looking for residential hardware that is going to be receiving a bit of wear and tear, you want to get something that is going to last.  With HomeHardwarePlus we refuse to get you anything less then the best grade quality hardware; we’ll explain different hardware grades, how to determine their quality, and to make finding the grade of hardware that’s right for you simple. (more…)

Who the Heck is Home Hardware Plus?

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I’m sure at this point you are wondering what website you have stumbled upon in your search for reasonable and amazing looking home hardware.

Don’t worry – we’re here to give our official introduction. Home Hardware Plus has anticipated your questions and has a few answers for you; are you ready for a little hardware family history lesson? (more…)