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Home Hardware Plus is your solution provider for all your commercial and residential door hardware needs. We know that building or upgrading your home is important to you, so we have designed our site so that you can quickly find the products you are looking for, so that you spend less time browsing for your products and more on your actual project.

We carry only the highest in quality in wholesale hardware products including door knobs, door handle sets, entry locks, bath hardware, cabinet hardware and much more. We offer wholesale pricing on our entire selection of commercial and home hardware products

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General Hardware

We are your one stop shop for any hardware you can think of to accessorize your door, whether it be door holders, door stops, latch guards, push/pull and kick plates, or mail slots, and straight forward handicap signs and restroom signs. Whatever it is, we can accommodate your specific needs.

Exit Devices

We offer a wide range of exit devices and panic hardware that is secure and durable, including crash bars, rim surface devices, and narrow stile door hardware. This set of hardware is designed for use on a variety of single and double doors, which can be cut down to size for each specific door. Our exit devices also come with an option for a surface vertical rod and can come fire rated or extra-large for each specific project you may need. We have a very large quantity of exit series accessories which accommodate for any exit device. This may include trim levers or knobs to pair with the exit device, or strikes, fillers, sex bolts, pull handles, and extension rods which comply with each specific exit device.


Our residential, commercial, continuous, and spring hinges are offered in a variety of sizes and finishes to go well with any housing or storefront arrangements. They are sold with mounting screws and come with the option of ball bearing, and can also come with a non-removable pin. Each hinge is multiple finishes and grades to fit both high traffic doors as well as easily navigated residential environments.

Storefront Hardware

At HomeHardwarePlus, we offer specific options to accommodate any storefront door in need of applicable parts. Whether it be some new door pivots, door reinforcement plates, or mortise locksets to operate your doors, we have you covered. Accessories, like push paddles, lever handles, cylinders and thumbturns are also available so that you can create the easily accessible atmosphere you need for your storeroom.

Door Closers

Our high quality commercial door closers contain a variety of sizes, spring tension, and durability to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Offering surface mounted, residential and overhead concealed closers, our door hardware is compatible with any storefront, hollow metal, or storeroom door and can be matched with an already owned closer by each door closers specific hole pattern. We offer a full selection of door hardware accessories to accommodate any closer or door so that your project is as easy and efficient to complete as possible. Click the button below to view our door closer size chart so we can help you decide which closer will be best for your door.


At Home Hardware Plus, we sell a variety of lever sets, handle sets, deadbolts, and residential locks that go with the majority of doors, no matter what type of lock options you need for your home or business door project. Our locksets come fully equipped with a handle and deadbolt combination, and comes in a variety of door hardware options. We have plenty of choices for series grade 1, 2, and 3 which offer a range from heavy duty commercial to light duty knobs and latches. We offer an extremely competitive price for high quality door levers that will endure any wear and tear.

S.O.S Continuous Hinges – What Is A Continuous Hinge, Why Do I Need It, and How Do I Read It?

Hardware Tips & Tricks|

Here we can help you figure out exactly what a continuous hinge is, why you need this type of door hinge, and how to read this door hardware’s diagrams.

Continuous hinges were hard to understand, to visualize in my head, and frankly most of the same generic information was given out and changed solely based on brand specification. I am here today to give you the basics on what a continuous hinge is, the different kinds, their benefits, and how to read those confusing diagrams that you are seeing plastered all over hardware sites.


What Grade Are You In? Knowing the Difference in Quality

Hardware Tips & Tricks|

If you own a business or are looking for residential hardware that is going to be receiving a bit of wear and tear, you want to get something that is going to last.  With HomeHardwarePlus we refuse to get you anything less then the best quality hardware; we’ll explain different hardware grades, how to determine their quality, and to make finding the grade of hardware that’s right for you simple. (more…)