Who the Heck is Home Hardware Plus?

I’m sure at this point you are wondering what website you have stumbled upon in your search for reasonable and amazing looking home hardware.

Don’t worry – Home Hardware Plus has anticipated your questions and have a few answers for you. Ready for a little hardware family history lesson?

Well very simply put we are the simpler, more understandable sister website of Imperial USA. In the family tree of Home Hardware Plus, there is a single parent’s household with three kids. The president and founder Tony Battah created Global Door Controls, which is your one stop shop for commercial and residential hardware including door locks, hinges, exit devices, closers, and more. A while back we also purchased Trans-Atlantic, with the two making up Imperial USA and making us a huge competitor in the door hardware industry. With Imperial USA we make all of our products overseas, allowing us to have some of the best priced and most efficient hardware products on the market.

Tony Battah and Wife, Conni

President of Imperial USA, Hans Krug, and Home Hardware Plus Tony Batta

And not to brag, but we have quite some notable customers too. Think “go-to national hardware store chain”…we won’t say names, but you know who I’m talking about.

Once Imperial USA was conjoined, its sister company were also created. Second in line came our cabinetry sister company Hans Krug. Hans Krug brings the latest in style, functionality and design through a comprehensive solution for the interior of your home. They offer a wide variety of cabinet options with a multitude of finishes and material combination, to provide the most flexibility in your home design. There is no end to what you can envision with their award winning kitchen designs to our bathroom vanities, closet systems, wall units, tables and more. With Hans Krug they also make all their own cabinetry overseas, which leads them to have extremely competitive pricing, great quality, and a crazy good-looking addition to any home renovation that you’re planning on. Essentially, with Imperial USA and Hans Krug, you could have one affordable and amazing looking home renovation on your hands.

Now for the last piece of the puzzle. Where does Home Hardware Plus come in? Unfortunately we are the youngest of the family, and have come to light strictly to make your hardware buying experience easy and understandable. There are the same products as Imperial USA, just with better pictures, more readable products, and an easy to use interface.

Family tree of Home Hardware Plus, Imperial USA, and Hans Krug

So a family owned business with a family tree to match, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t shop with us.

In every aspect, everyone tries to keep it in the family, right?

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